Privacy statement understands the importance of privacy for its visitors and customers, therefore information that obtains about you (hereinafter: “personal data”) is treated and processed with the greatest possible care.

The policy of with regard to the handling of your privacy and the use of personal data is in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the Telecommunications Act. The privacy policy applies to all visitors to the website. Information about how handles personal data is further specified in this policy.

Personal data stores your information when you register with the site or for the newsletter. uses this information to grant your requests and to carry out other actions for which permission has been obtained. The obtained personal data and preferences are stored in a file of makes every effort to protect this data. With all mailings you receive from as a result of the personal data provided, you are offered the option to unsubscribe from such mailings. will not sell, rent or otherwise make your personal data available to anyone other than with your prior unambiguous consent; or when necessary to fulfill a legal obligation.

Cookies are small files that contain information about the sites you visit, these files are stored by your browser. uses Cookies for technical purposes and to collect information about the use of the site and to improve this (such as remembering your search parameters).

Customers and visitors can refuse the use of cookies by choosing the appropriate settings in their browser.

User statistics uses anonymous internet tools to measure internet traffic. does not provide data to these tools. Users give permission to process anonymous traffic data. points out that by using customers and visitors give permission for the processing of the information by relevant anonymous internet tools in the manner and for the purposes as described in the passages about the User statistics.

Security protects your personal data with the help of up-to-date security systems that meet all standards.

If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, you can let know this by email, [email protected] You can then check which data is used and you can request to delete certain data.