Every plan thrives by working together and joining forces, and that certainly applies to our crowdfunding projects. All4Funding is the Dutch crowdfunding platform that brings entrepreneurs and investors together in an inspiring way.

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Crowdfunding campaigns from All4Funding

Every plan can be realized through collaboration. This statement certainly applies to the crowdfunding platform of All4Funding. Here investors and entrepreneurs are brought together in a simple and transparent way. In this way, strengths and knowledge are optimally used. Investors can earn a nice return on this platform by investing in various projects.

You can think of the launch of an app, starting capital for a holiday park or a beer brewery that would like to introduce its products beyond the national borders. The working method of the All4Funding platform is clear, well-arranged and safe. You can therefore always assume that the balance between the investment and the risk is in proportion.

Investing at All4Funding

If you would like to invest in promising projects, you can do so via the crowdfunding platform of All4Funding. This is already possible from an amount of 100 euros. You simply choose an appealing project on the website, after which you receive a transparent agreement. Your investment is then repaid monthly with interest and principal. The interest per year can differ per project and can be as high as 9.0%. So a nice return.

Financing for entrepreneurs through crowdfunding

As an entrepreneur, you naturally want nothing more than a growing company. Or maybe you have a good business plan that requires startup capital? If the lender or bank cannot offer a satisfactory outcome, crowdfunding via All4Funding is a good solution. After approval of your project, you can present it on the All4Funding website.

This is also the place where you can keep your investors informed about interesting developments and progress. This way you create a good bond with your investors from which you can also benefit a lot in the future. You pay off the investment in monthly installments. If you have a starting company, it is also possible at All4Funding to be able to pay off the first year without interest.

All4Funding Alternative 

There are now many different donation platforms in the world and in the Netherlands. A good DoneerDoel alternative for the Netherlands and other European countries is WhyDonate. They are much cheaper and a reliable Dutch party that is active throughout Europe. At the bottom of this page, you will find a full comparison.


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