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What is Doneeractie NL?

Doneeractie NL is a commercial crowdfunding platform that enables people to raise money for charities exclusively in the Netherlands. These range from challenging circumstances such as accidents, illnesses and problems to financing travel.

Doneeractie Donation Cost

Many people wonder ‘What are the costs of a Donation Campaign on Doneeractie NL? They charge a percentage of 7.3% (incl. VAT) of the donated amount as platform costs. The costs for iDEAL are added to this at €1.03 (incl. VAT) per transaction. These costs are deducted directly from the donated amount. These costs are difficult to find, but if you search under the heading ‘Information’ → ‘Frequently asked questions’ → ‘What does it cost to use’, you will land on this information.

Compare the prices of all donation platforms in the table at the bottom of this page.

Doneeractie Donation Campaign Tax

How much tax do you pay on the donations you make via Doneeractie NL? If the donation does not exceed €2,244 (temporarily €3,244 per donor in 2021), the recipient of the donations does not have to pay tax. You can donate €5,604 tax-free for gifts from close relatives. With crowdfunding, you can therefore safely raise €100,000 without paying gift tax, as long as the donation is lower than €2,244 per donor. If more donations are made for each donor, a 30% gift tax will be paid on donations up to €124,726. Gifts above this amount are subject to a gift tax of 40%. Such gifts are extremely rare in crowdfunding campaigns.

Doneeractie Donation Campaign Reviews and Experiences

Doneeractie NL is a commercial donation platform in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, there are no reviews online. There is only one (1 star) review on and it is not enough to get a good picture.

Is Doneeractie NL reliable?

Doneeractie NL has been in existence since 2016 and has collected several million Euros for charity in the Netherlands. So you can say with some certainty that the donation platform Doneeractie is reliable and safe. A Doneeractie phone number cannot be found, you can use the Doneeractie frequently asked questions or the contact form for queries. 

How does Doneeractie NL work?

Setting up a donation campaign is easy. You start by creating the donation campaign. When you have all the information ready, this is quickly done. As soon as the promotion has been approved and you are registered, you can start raising money via Mollie. By sharing the Donation Campaign yourself via email, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media channels, you can quickly reach a large group of people. You can personally thank the donors and keep them informed by means of updates.

Doneeractie NL Alternative

There are now many different donation platforms in the world and in the Netherlands. A good Donation Campaign alternative for the Netherlands and other European countries is WhyDonate. They are a lot cheaper and a reliable Dutch party that is active throughout Europe. At the bottom of this page, you will find a full comparison.


Donation platformReviewsPlatform CostsTransaction CostsOther costsPayment methodsLaunch date
WhyDonate4,70%1,9%+ €0,25NoneiDEAL, Creditcard, Paypal, Bank transfer, Direct Debit, Sofort,
Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, Belfius, KBC
GoFundMe4,50%2,9% + €0,25NoneCreditcard, iDEAL2010
Doneeractie2,97,3%€1,03NoneiDEAL, Bank transfer, Bancontact
Belfius, KBC, Sofort.
Geef4,20%3,4% – 11,4%*NoneiDEAL, Creditcard, Paypal, Klarna.2011
Doneerdoel4,96,05%€0,59NoneiDEAL, Bank transfer, Bancontact.2018
Steunactie4,65%€0,50 –
€0,50 + 3,4% **
NoneiDEAL, Paypal, Bank transfer, Sofort,
Bancontact, KBC, Belfius
PIFworld4,26,05%€0,29 –
€0,10 + 3,4% **
NoneiDEAL, Creditcard, Paypal, Bank transfer, Sofort,
Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, Belfius, KBC
Kentaa4,40 – 5%***€0,17 –
€0,41 + 3,4% **
€99 / monthiDEAL, Creditcard, Direct Debit, Paypal,
Nationale Donatie PaginaNo reviews6,05%€0,61NoneiDEAL2020
GetFunded3,47%€1,15NoneiDEAL, Bancontact, Paypal2014
* The transaction costs depend on the amount donated and the tip. With a donation of €10 and a tip of €0, 11.4% of transaction costs will be deducted. With a donation of €100 and a tip of €0,- 3.4% will be deducted.
** The transaction costs vary per payment method. The table shows the lowest (iDEAL) and highest (Paypal) rates.
*** The platform costs depend on whether a tipping option is shown on the donation form. If no tipping option is shown, Kentaa charges 5%, if a tipping option is shown, 0% is charged.


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