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Limited warranty and liability
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Third parties
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Protection of personal data
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Other provisions
In the general terms and conditions, except where the context indicates otherwise, the term personal data is used for all data that the User provides and which relates to a living individual who can be identified by means of this data and other information that is available, or for available from Top10Crowdfund.

Top10Crowdfund has the right to modify the website (or part of it) at any time, or to discontinue it temporarily or definitively, with or without prior notification, and Top10Crowdfund is not liable for this towards you or a third party.

Top10Crowdfund has the right to permanently discontinue a user’s account, both an active and an inactive account, at its own discretion.

These general terms and conditions must be read in accordance with the privacy statement regarding the protection of personal data and user privacy.

Applicable law
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